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Stella W. Martin

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Purpose, Role and Function


Cultural and community events are vital ingredients for creating the rich and vibrant culture we share. Public events foster social interaction amongst various groups of people who may not otherwise meet. These shared experiences develop a sense of pride, attachment, and love among people for their community, extending into their everyday lives.


The Cultural and Community Events Advisory Committee (CCEAC) serves as an advisory and action committee to the City Council on matters pertaining to cultural events and community activities in public places throughout the City, which events and/or activities shall reflect, honor, and celebrate the history and diversity of the community and its citizens. The purpose of CCEAC is to identify in coordination with City departments and other governmental entities (e.g., Teton County Sheriff’s Office) the nature and scope of government services necessary for special events, to determine appropriate terms and conditions for permits, and to administer the special event permitting process.


The CCEAC is comprised of seven (7) community members. Community members are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council and must reside within the municipal boundaries of Victor. Community members are not to be compensated.

Each Community Member shall be appointed to a three-year term. Members shall serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms. Terms generally begin on October 1st and end on September 30. Community Members shall continue to serve until their successors are appointed.


The CCEAC acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council in matters relating to cultural and community events proposed by community groups or event managers which are:

  1. Open to the public
  2. Held within the city limits in spaces which are overseen by the city
  3. Expected to attract more than 250 people
  4. Requesting the City Council approve a waiver or a reduction of fees or a cash sponsorship
  5. Requesting City personnel or equipment, and/or medical or security presence
  6. Requesting exception from City’s Municipal Code.

It shall be the responsibility of CCEAC to:

  • Review all applications for permits governing cultural and community events.
  • Review requests for public support services and make recommendations to the City Council.
  • Provide oversight when applicable.
  • Provide technical assistance and information to sponsors and planners.
  • Recommend appropriate health, safety and risk management techniques.
  • Periodically review regulations pertaining to special events and make recommendations for improvement as necessary.


The City Clerk shall serve as the City liaison to the CCEAC.


Meetings are open to the public subject to the State Open Public Meetings Act. Each monthly meeting shall provide time within the agenda for public input. The City Clerk shall prepare and publish the meeting agenda.

Se invita al público a asistir y testificar en relación con la acción propuesta o también se pueden presentar comentarios por escrito a la Ciudad. Póngase en contacto con el ayuntamiento si desea solicitar ayudas para la comunicación, servicios u otras adaptaciones para su participación.

 Al ser solicitada, ésta notificación puede ser proveída en un formato fácil de usar para personas con discapacidad y/o personas con conocimientos limitados del Inglés