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To view agendas, application materials, staff reports, and public comments, please go to the Meeting Pages and select the more link for the meeting.  According to State Statute all Public Notices must be published in the local newspaper. Not all public notices will be posted on this page. If a public notice is not found here it can either be found in the Teton Valley Newspaper or it may be a meeting type that does not require public notice.


Quasi-Judicial projects are those pending Planning and Zoning, City Council, and/or Design Review Committee revisions, approval, or denial in their application process. If a pending application has been removed from this page, that is because it has since been scheduled on a meeting agenda and can be found by using the more link on the Meeting Page.

Pending Land Use Applications


LU2024-01 Variance - 222 W Center - Love - Pending


LU2023-01 Annexation, LU2023-02 Rezoning, and LU2023-03 Variance – Victor Gateway – McNaughton Pending
LU2023-04 Rezoning – Sherman Park Affordable Housing – Snavely Group Approved
LU2023-05 Annexation, LU2023-06 Rezoning - Birch Street - Snavely Group Approved
LU2023-07 Variance - 217 S. Main - Hedges Approved
LU2023-08 Rezoning - 32 Elm & 53 Fir - Hedges Approved
LU2023-09 Variance - 205 Lakewood Denied
LU2023-10 Rezoning - W. Center Apres Vous - Crewsen West LLC Withdrawn
LU2023-11 Rezoning - 8740 S 1000 W - Dont Stop Believing LLC Withdrawn
LU2023-12 LDC Code Amendments Approved
LU2023-13 Rezoning - 7579 Mtn Laurel Dr - Goldman Approved

LU2023-14 Rezoning - W. Center - Apres Vous - Crewsen West LLC Withdrawn

LU2022-10 & LU2022-11 - Annexation & Rezoning - 1513 Abigale Lane  Closed

Pending Subdivision Applications


SD2024-02 Short Plat - N Agate - Teton Valley Development Approved

SD2024-04 Plat Amendment - Alpine Meadows - DMD Pending

SD2024-05 Short Plat - Mountainside Village - Sweet Hollow Farms Pending

SD2024-07 Concept Plan -5 acres S500W S. of Golf Vista - Esh Premier Properties New - Incomplete


SD2023-01 Concept Plan - 7696 S 500 W  - Liberty LLC - Treverse Subdivision Pending
SD2023-02 Short Plat - 57 Beryl Ave - Warm River Approved
SD2023-03 Preliminary Plat  - Phase 5 - Mountainside Village Inc.  Approved
SD2023-04 Condo Plat - 185 Lakewood - 185 Lakewood LLC Approved
SD2023-07 Concept Plan - 274 Cedron - Teton Valley Resort Incomplete

SD2023-08 Condo Plat - Table Rock - Peaked Properties Approved

SD2023-10 Condo Plat - The Ponds 3rd Addition - Espenscheid Enterprises Inc. Approved

SD2023-11 Easement Vacation - Valley Lumber - Three Dog LLC Approved

SD2022-15 - Final Plat of Mountainside Village Subdivision Phase 3B Withdrawn

Pending Site Plan Review/Design Review Applications


BP2024-05 Site Plan Design Review - Sherman Park Affordable Housing - Reverted back to P&Z July 16, 2024

Appeal of BP2024-05 - Approved

BP2024-24 Site Plan Design Review - S. Lupine - Letmrun Driftboats LLC - Pending

BP2024-27 Site Plan Design Review - 16 & 20 Aspen - Torch LLC - Pending

BP2024-28 Site Plan Design Review - 7579 Mtn Laural - Goldman Pending

BP2024-29 Site Plan Design Review - Blue Flax - Streit Pending

BP2024-30 Site Plan Design Review - 142 W Center - Monroe Acquisitions, LLC Pending


BP2023-06 - Site Plan Design Review - 45 W Dogwood Approved
BP2023-21 Site Plan Design Review - 9130 Village Way Approved
BP2023-22 Site Plan Design Review - 83 Cedron Approved
BP2023-23 Site Plan Design Review - 148 W Birch Approved
BP2023-25 Site Plan Design Review - 63 N Beryl Approved
BP2023-27 Site Plan Design Review - 100 Homestead Approved
BP2023-28 Site Plan Design Review - 8425 S 1000 W Approved
BP2023-29 Site Plan Design Review - 142 Cedron Approved

BP2023-56 Site Plan Design Review - 162 W Center Pending

BP2022-53 - Site Plan Review/Design Review - 162 W Center Withdrawn
BP2022-63 - Site Plan Review/Design Review - 139 W Center Approved

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