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Building Information

The Planning and Building Department assists property owners, developers, and contractors with their construction projects from the application through the issuance of the Occupancy/Completion Certificates.

The Planning and Building Department reviews construction documents, issues building permits, and inspects all construction activities within the City of Victor.

Permit information, application links, and helpful checklists are in the expandable links below. Permit applications can be submitted through the Application Portal . The department strives to complete building permit reviews within 15 business days of the application date. In order to ensure an effective and efficient compliance review, all permit applications must be complete. If an application is incomplete or intent is not clearly defined, then the application will be rejected.

A Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion will be issued for all construction projects regulated by Title 7 of the Municipal Code: Building Regulations adopted by the City of Victor.

The Planning and Building Department also is responsible for responding to possible Code Enforcement requests related to the enforcement of Title 7 of the Municipal Code: Building Regulations and Title 10 of the Municipal Code: Land Development Code (LDC) .

Department Contact Information

Planning and Zoning Director

Kimberly Kolner

Assistant Planner

Jordan Hoehnen