Comment for Public Hearing

Public Comments can be submitted

The City of Victor accepts written public comments up until the start of our noticed public hearings.  Additionally, individuals are welcome to provide in-person public comment when testimony is taken during the public hearing.

Public hearings will be held at Victor City Hall and broadcast via telecommunication devices, in compliance with Open Meeting Law, as per state statute. Active online-participation during the meeting will be limited to prescheduled visitors and presenters.

Online Participation: Active online-participation during the meeting will be limited to scheduled visitors and presenters. This will ensure efficient proceedings and maintain the focus on agenda items.

Accommodation Requests: If you require accommodation to participate remotely during council meetings, we encourage you to contact the City Clerk in advance of the meeting. We are committed to making reasonable efforts to accommodate individuals with specific needs, ensuring equal access and inclusivity, but we are unable provide such accommodations once the meeting begins.

The City is not responsible for technical difficulties.

For more information on the agenda items and materials see the City Council Meeting page and the Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting page.

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