City Clerk Forms

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City Administrator

Alcohol Beverage Catering Permit Form

An alcohol beverage catering permit shall be limited to authorization to sell liquor, beer or wine, or any combination thereof, for a period not to exceed three consecutive days.

Alcohol Beverage Catering Permit Form

City Property Use

Any applicant for a special event application or reservation can request the use of city property, to review the terms and conditions for using city property, please review the City Property Use Application below.

Indemnification, Release and Reimbursement Agreement

The City of Victor has established a policy for regulating the issuance of Special Event Permits and park shelter and field space reservations and requires persons wishing to hold a Special Event or reserve a park shelter or field space to: (1) indemnify the City of Victor for any injuries and damages caused by the event; and (2) agree to reimburse the City of Victor for City service expenses incurred in conjunction with the Special Event.

Public Records Request

In order to best serve the public and to as expeditiously as possible process your request for public records, all requests to examine or copy public records MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. Please help us in this process by filling out this form completely.