Business Licensing & Resort Tax


City Administrator

Tips and Links for Business Licensing

  • Business License Regulations are required, by law, for any commercial or home-based business within the city limits of the City of Victor.
  • Please ensure that your business is physically located within the city limits before continuing with your registration.
  • Forms are now fillable and payable directly through the website.
  • For permit information, applicant checklists, and all the Idaho State Websites for starting up a business- Please use the expandable links below. (State Tax Commission, Idaho Department of Commerce, etc. )
  • Permit applications can be submitted through the Application Portal.
  • We strive to complete applications within 14 business days of the application date. Please note that incomplete or incorrect applications may result in a delay or refusal of issuance of the license.
  • Business licenses must be renewed annually.

Sales Tax: Permits

The City of Victor collects retail sales, lodging, and liquor sales taxes. Businesses are required to apply for a license to sell these products.

List of Current Businesses in Victor City Limits