Sherman Park

bike catching air on jump at Sherman Bike Park in Victor Idaho.
bike catching air on jump at Sherman Bike Park in Victor Idaho.


City Administrator
Sherman Park

Sherman Park has it all!

From a horse arena and bike park to a great playground and more, this city park has something for everyone.

Use of the Pavillion, baseball diamonds, and Kotler Arena are on a reservation basis.

(1)   Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

(2)   No Alcohol within 300’ of the playground or pavilion; and no alcohol 300’ of any athletic field actively used for youth sports;

(3)   No dogs within 25’ of the playground

(4)   Dog owners are responsible for picking up dog waste and properly disposing of it

(5)   At all other public locations, dogs must be controlled either on a leash or under voice control.  Under voice control, the dog must return immediately to and remain by the side of its owner or keeper in response to the owner or keeper’s verbal command, whistle, or hand signal. If an unleashed dog fails to behave in a manner consistent with that of a dog on a leash, meaning the owner can call the dog away from other people and animals and keeps the dog at a safe and respectable distance from other people and animals, that dog is not under voice control and shall be deemed to be “at large,” unless such person (or in the case of a minor child, an adult present with the child) has communicated to the owner that such person consents to the presence of the dog

Amenities: Horse Riding Arena, Fenced Dog Park, Victor Bike Park operated by Mountain Bike the Tetons; Kotler Arena, operated by Teton Valley Foundation; Pavillion and Playground, two baseball diamonds available for reservation (South field, North field), non-regulation lacrosse field, winter nordic course and groomed snowbike/ walking trails, seasonal temporary restrooms

baseball diamond at Sherman Park

Playground at Sherman Park

Horse Arena on East side of Sherman Park

Pavillion at Sherman Park

Dog Park at Sherman Park

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